AskUs' Terms and Conditions of Use
May 1st, 2004


Because Keyring Labs' AskUs Online Customer Service (hereinafter referred to as AskUs) is an inherently public service, some information about the user cannot be private. Visitors will by the nature of the system be able to send messages to your AskUs operator(s). If you use AskUs's email feature(s), they may also send email. We do not share our customer database with third parties except as published, nor do we facilitate the transmission of bulk solicitations by others. We will not publish or reveal confidential business information that you provide to us. This includes telephone numbers, addresses and credit and payment data. We are not responsible for the publication and dissemination of that information from other sites that may be linked by you from your AskUs chat windows. If you reveal your contact data by including it in messages through the system or by posting it in your AskUs windows, we are not responsible for any consequences.

We may send you information relevant to your account. We may send you information about other products offered by ourselves or others that might improve your use of AskUs or that might attract additional visitors to your site.


AskUs permits you to cancel before the initial billing. Your cancelation request must be submitted within five days of registration to allow us to cancel billing by our card processor. If you wait too long, you will be charged for the first month's service, and your cancelation will take effect at the end of that month.

After you receive your first bill, you will be billed on the same day of each ensuing month.

PAYMENT OBLIGATION: By your use of the system as evidenced by our logs you agree to pay all fees and charges to which you agree(d) at registration. Specificallly you agree that you may not seek cancelation or refund of charges to any credit or debit card you have used to pay for the service.

Trial Period

If you have registered for a free trial of the service, you will be contacted before the stated expiration date to arrange payment and any service changes. If you do not reply to the payment request and arrange for regular payments, your account will be deleted shortly after the end of the trial period. You may not register for another free trial at the same email address and/or URL.


From time to time it is necessary to suspend access to the system for routine maintenance and for installation of new or improved features. We will normally perform such maintenance outside peak hours of utilization, but we may occasionally need to suspend access at other times and without notice. Such maintenance may be announced in our newsletter, but we are not obliged to provide notice of routine maintenance. In the event of unexpected maintenance we will attempt to place a notice on user support pages as soon as feasible, except when we anticipate that loss of availability will be less than two hours.

In the event that we fail to provide service for any period of seventy-two continuous hours or if we fail to restore service within seventy-two hours of the end of any emergency as described above, we will add any additional lost service to the end of your service agreement, which addition shall occur at the end of the final month of service, redeemable only as a service credit and without cash value. You must request credit within ten business days of any loss of service. Lesser periods of loss of service shall be construed as part of the normal course of business and shall not in any way create an obligation by us to you.

Our system logs shall be the sole record of performance.

In all cases, you agree that we shall not be responsible in any case for consequences to your business for the temporary loss of access to AskUs. You are responsible for providing alternate means of communication, and by your use of the system you agree that AskUs is not a mission-critical factor in your business activities and that you will hold us harmless for such loss of service.


YOU may terminate service by sending a cancelation request to Keyring Labs or by filling out the cancelation form in the support area. Your request must be received ten business days before the next billing cycle. If your request is late, you may be billed for the next month, and your cancelation will apply to the ensuing month. Billing is monthly only, and no pro-ration for partial months will be provided.

WE may terminate service at any time in our sole discretion at the end of any period for which you have paid. We may suspend or terminate service for abuse of the system in violation of our terms and conditions, as amended. Abuse of the system shall include repeated complaints to us about you from users of your instant messaging service, slander by you against us, or any other use of the service that we deem inimical to the success of AskUs. In the event of alleged abuse we may in our sole discretion terminate service immediately, suspend service pending investigation or contact you regarding such allegations before taking action. If we terminate service for ordinary business reasons, we will provide your service through the end of your current billing cycle, or we will provide a refund for unused service. If we suspend or terminate service for abuse by you, termination will occur immediately, and no refund will be made for unused service.